The Cast


Lasantha Perera

Lasantha is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the Leisure, Travel & Tourism, Telecommunications, Advertising and Retail industries. He has worked in a few blue chip companies in SL as well as in the region including, McCallum Breweries (SL) marketing and brewing “3 coins beer”, marketing and promoting Moet Chandon, Dom Perignon, Bisquit Cognac and many other world famous brands in SL with M/s Delmege Forsyth Company. Following which he was in-charge of business development, marketing and operations at United Parcel Service (UPS), then went on to become the Group Account Director – client servicing at McCann Erickson (SL), and held CEO/Director roles at Hutchison Telecommunications – Thailand and SL and at Citrus Vacations Limited.

Lasantha is skilled in Negotiation, Business Planning, Management, Strategic Planning, Marketing and Business Development; and is a strong professional who has graduated from the University of Southern Queensland.

Cricket has always been a passion, and he has returned to ‘Masters’ outdoor cricket after a break of 15 years from the game. During the break he Vice Captained and then Captained the SL national indoor cricket team on their tours to: Port Elizabeth/SA, Christchurch/NZ and the Gold coast in Brisbane in 2009.



Ruth is an avid traveller, having visited and explored many countries and is an expert at finding the best experiences and deals in any location. She honed her corporate skills at GTE Yellow pages and Continental King Lung Commodities in customer service before leaving to become a homemaker. She also rejoined the workforce by joining the Swedish Embassy during its tenure in Sri Lanka. Friendly, resourceful and meticulous, Ruth is truly passionate about the wonders of the island and offering travellers the best journeys that are off the beaten track.


Nalin Dassanayake

Having spent almost 25 years in the inbound tourism industry, Nalin loves the fact that working in this field allows him to work with people who have a similar passion. The ‘birth’ of ‘Good Day Sri Lanka’ will be the turning point in his life after his experience with 3 other prestigious companies. His vision and mission are to be appealingly different and standout from the rest in whatever he does. Creative but prudent, Nalin is all set to take on the new challenge and the fact that he is an integral part of this venture will bring out the best in him. His pleasing personality, absolute honesty and true dedication to whatever he does has earned him great admiration amongst our valued clients and the Inbound industry as a whole.

Born outside Colombo and having lived in an idyllic village, he loves the simple things most Sri Lankans enjoy on a day to day basis including travelling by train and bus and loves holidaying in the hill country.


Candiah Giritharan

Born in Singapore, Candiah Giritharan is probably known by every Singaporean. This gentle giant is an avid walker so it’s hard not to spot him in the streets of Singapore. He has been with the Food and Beverage and Hospitality Industry close to 40 years. He is more or less responsible for doing all the hard work in setting up some of the best pubs in Singapore and has always been able to multi task in areas other than in finance.

He has been the ‘live wire’ behind some of the top most events held in Singapore including the Formula One races {10 years}, Beer Festivals {6 years}, Singapore Golf Open {5 years} to name a few. He has loads of experience in handling sports tours in the region.

Giri as he is affectionately called all over the world is also one of the ‘key’ organizers for Pimp My Tuk Tuk, a charity organization, involved in doing charity work in India and Sri Lanka for the last 6 years.

Alex Longman

Alex Longman

Alex has 28 years of hands on experience in the futures and options derivative markets. He started in the open outcry trading pits in London’s Financial Futures market then moved into the Nikkei market in Singapore. With the progression of technology and screen trading, he moved the business to Tokyo, followed by Hong Kong before finally moving back to Singapore where he managed a 38 person team across India, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea and Japan.

He also held the CEO role for the Singapore Equities business, facing off to various regulatory and management committees, while also taking on roles in the Charity Committee, the Audit Committee, and Development Committee along with strong connections and relationships with various exchanges across Asia.

Alex is a Co-Founder and Owner of Pimp My Tuk Tuk Pte Ltd (PMTT), a travel company devoted to making positive changes through fund raising, travel and adventure, which drives just under $1million dollars in contributions. He is also a proprietor of a Food and Beverage business in Singapore that has been operating for 15 years.